a body at rest remains in motion

a body at rest remains in motion is the title of the solo exhibition which took place at the art space Dzialdov in Berlin. The works shown here deal processes of casting to consider questions of originality and identity in relation to the body.

If You Are Here
Various Sizes
Andesitic & Basaltic Lava Stone and Polyester Resin &
Marble, Sandstone and Epoxy Resin

A silicone mould is made from two stones. The stones are then crushed into dust, mixed with a resin and subsequently cast into the mould of the opposite stone. The result is two artificial stones, having the same form, but with a different composition, consisting from the material from the opposite stone.

Insatiable Desires
Various Sizes
Cast Titanium-Zinc

Insatiable Desires reflects on processes of casting to arrive at original forms. Cattle stomachs are used as a model and are moulded in plaster. During the moulding process the model is shifted, the wet plaster is disrupted and multiple moulds are combined. Melted metal is subsequently cast multiple times into the plaster, however only partially filling the mould. The result is formless, a form between forms, not entirely copied yet not entirely original.

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