Same and Different

The exhibition consists of works made during an artist residency in Yogyakarta Indonesia.
The works reflect on concepts of material and composition.

If You Are Here
Andesitic & Basaltic Lava Stone, Polyester Resin
28cm x 30cm x 50cm & 27cm x 26cm x 55cm

A mould was made of each stone. The stones were then separately crushed into dust. The dust was mixed with resin and cast in to the mould of the opposite stone. If You Are Here reflects on the basic yet essential relationship of material composition and form.

Basaltic Lava Stone & oiled Andesite
45cm x 32cm x 25cm & 26cm x 27cm x 30cm

The stones were carved by hand. The stone was rotated during my search for an “desirable” form. Not having a permanent base, I arrived at rounded organic forms. One of the stones is rubbed with cooking oil, intensifying its color and referencing the culinary deep frying culture of Yogakarta.

Joshua Zielinski - 2021