Perpetuate – Undulate

Stone is often seen as the epitome of permanence and stability. However, if you look at the geology of stone, it is far from the idea of eternity. The history of stones consists of the formation and decay of physical and chemical bonds. Solidifying, metamophizing, and sedimenting - viewed from a distance, the cycle of stone proves to be a process of constant change.

The work Perpetuate - Undulate deals with the relationship between form, process and artistic action. During the carving process, the stone is often rotated and turned over so that only a part of the entire stone can be worked on. With each turn, a new surface becomes visible which can be reshaped.

The resulting form from this process refers to this continuous movement and to the exploration of the idea of a permanent composition.This action is further referenced in the exhibition of the works. There is no predetermined way in which they are to be displayed, nor is there a set base. Limited to the duration of the exhibition, each time the works are shown differently and placed in different contexts. Each presentation offers different spatial conditions, from which new relationships emerge. In public space or in an exhibition room, the viewer's reception and interaction are directly related to the surrounding context.

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