Solo Exhibition at Brühler Kunstverein
Marble, Steel, Diabas, Limestone and Bronze

The Brühler Kunstverein is located in a former metal workshop of the Marienhospital in Brühl Germany. This unusual situation of a hospital having a metal workshop was the starting point for the development of new site-referential works. In preparation for the exhibition, research was conducted on site by observing the contemporary use of metal in both the hospital and in the local public space.

In the exhibition, sculptures made of marble, a material used throughout art history to depict human bodies, are held by metal structures. Additionally, an anti-slip floor plate (Tränenblech in German— literally translated as teardrop plate), normally used to provide safe footing in entranceways, was chosen as a raw material and the individual "tears" were ground down.

The dimensions of the metal structures and the anti-slip plate have specifically been produced to conform to standardized specifications for hospitals and wheelchair-accessible entrances. The shape of the metal structures refer to handrails found in both the hospital setting and in urban furniture located throughout the city and also near to the Kunstverein. Alongside these new works earlier bronze sculptures, created from wedges from various museums are incorporated in the exhibition, creating a bridge to previous works.

Exploring themes of fragility and support within the context of a hospital and a former metal workshop, the exhibition considers the relationship of bodies and supporting structures.

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